Baby Shower Etiquette

Traditionally baby showers were only held for the first baby, but it has become a new tradition to celebrate each birth because every baby is special. To make your baby shower a hit we have put together a list of baby shower etiquette and hostess tips.

Who should host the baby shower?

Traditionally baby showers were only hosted by a close friend or non-relative because a baby shower is a gift giving event. It was considered to be improper for a family member to host a baby shower for the mother to be.

It has become more acceptable in current times for anyone to host the baby shower including mothers, sisters or other family members. With the busy schedules we all have today it is also becoming common practice for more than one person to host this special event.

Can I Host My Own Baby Shower?

Although proper baby shower etiquette has become much more relaxed in modern times it is really not appropriate to host your own shower. If you have not had someone offer to throw you a baby shower you can try dropping subtle hints to friends or have a family member such as your mother or a sister find someone to host the baby shower for you. Remember, the only person who should not host the shower is mom herself!

Can I Have a Baby Shower After The Baby Is Born?

It can be fun to have your baby shower after the baby is born, and it creates an excellent opportunity for everyone to come meet your new baby. Having the baby shower after the baby has come can also provide a place to get advice and share experiences with friends and family who have children. Be sure to remember that for a new mother this can be a very hectic and stressful time in her life, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Should I Give a Gift To The Baby Shower Hostess?

You are certainly not obligated to give your baby shower hostess a gift, but of course it is always a nice thing to do. A lot of work goes into hosting a baby shower so it is common practice to thank her with a simple inexpensive gift.

Who Should Be Invited to a Baby Shower?

The first step to determining who should be invited to the baby shower is to decide how many people you are going to invite. Will the location of the baby shower limit the number of people who can attend or is the baby shower budget going to affect how many people you will invite. Being a good friend of the mother to be you will probably have a good idea of who will be coming but be sure to have the mom review the list to ensure no one important is left out. Make sure you include all family members, mothers, sisters, etc.

It is also becoming common practice to invite men and children to baby showers. Discuss with the mother to be what type of party she would like. You can make it a "women only" shower, "adults only" shower or similar setting. Be sure to include on the invitations who is invited.

How should I invite the guests?

You can invite guests to the baby shower by written invitation, phone or email. It is still common practice to use written invitations as the preferred method of invitation. Using the phone can cause inaccurate information to be relayed and not everyone checks their email often or may not use email at all.

Regardless of which method you use be sure to include all of the details of the baby shower. Be sure to include the date, time, location, directions, gift registry information, if there is a theme to the party, the baby's sex or name if known, or any items you want the guests to bring to the baby shower.

How Many Baby Shower Games Should We Play?

It is a good idea to only play three or four games throughout the baby shower. Too many games can take away from the actual celebration of this special moment. All of the baby shower games should be simple and easy to play.

Should I Give Favors To The Guests?

Whether or not to give out favors is often decided by budget. If there is a budget for you to have baby shower favors it is always nice to have a little gift for each guest. The favors should be small in monetary value and appropriate to the guests who are attending the shower. Favors can also be a fun way to "reward" the guests who win the games you play during the baby shower.

Gifts to those who win the games should be rather small in monetary value. If you're inviting both men and women be sure to get something other than special lotions.

Should I Throw My Friend a Surprise Baby Shower?

A surprise baby shower can be fun and make it very special for the mother to be. If you are thinking of throwing a surprise shower you will want to work closely with her family members to make sure you know who to invite, what type of gifts the future mother needs, and when she will be available to attend.

Throwing a non-surprise baby shower is really a safer bet. This allows the expectant mother to review the guest list, register for a baby gift registry, and let you know if there is anything specific she needs for the baby.