Baby Shower Games

Making your Baby shower more fun will make the event even more memorable. Including silly and entertaining baby shower games will make the party more exciting for everyone. These games can really be fun and may even teach you something about the guests or the mother to be. Below are some of our favorite baby shower games:

How Big Is The Baby?

This baby shower game can be a lot of fun as long as the mother to be is up to it. The object of the game is to guess the size of the baby. The only supplies you need for this game are a few balls of yarn and a couple pairs of scissors. Have each guest cut a length of string that they think will fit around the future mom's belly. After everyone has cut their string you can either wrap each string around her belly or have her measure and cut a piece of string that fits her belly. Compare her string to all the guests' pieces of string. The person with the closest measurement wins. It's amazing to see what people's guesses are in comparison to the actual width.

What's For Dinner?

To play this baby shower game you will first need to purchase several jars of baby food. Remove the labels from each jar and place a numbered sticker on each jar. Make sure that you keep a legend so you know which is which when the game is over. During the baby shower pass the jars around and have everyone try to guess what is in each jar. The winner is determined by who identifies the most number of jars correctly.

The Price is Right

This is a great game to play at a baby shower, and in the end makes for a wonderful gift for the expectant mother. Purchase a baby bag and fill it with items such as diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, pacifiers, bottles, nail clippers, thermometer, rattles, a medicine dropper and other similar items. Have each guest try to guess the cost of each item in the bag. The person who gets closest to the actual price of the most items wins. After the game is over you can present the filled bag to mom as a baby shower gift.

Who's Who??

Ask each of the guests who are attending the baby shower to bring a picture of their self when they were a baby. Arrange the pictures on a table or assemble them on poster board and assign each picture a number. Give each guest a name tag, an piece of paper for their answers and a pen. Have each guest match the other guests to each of the baby pictures. The person with the most correct answers wins.

When We Were Babies

Ask the soon to be grandparents to provide you with information about the soon to be parents when they were babies for this baby shower game. This information could include vital statistics such as time of birth, height, weight, how old they were when they started to walk, at what age did they become toilet trained, when did they say their first word, what was their first word, and any other interesting facts they can come up with. Based on the information you received create a set of questions and answers for the guests to answer. Give each guest a copy of the quiz, the person with the best score wins.

My Water Broke!

For this baby shower game you are going to need to freeze diaper pins, tiny plastic babies, miniature pacifiers, or some other similar type item in ice cubes. When all the guests have arrived give them a glass of water or punch each with one of these ice cubes in their drink. The first person whose ice cube melts and allows their trinket to sink to the bottom of the glass yells out, "my water broke" and wins the game.

Dressing the Baby

To play this baby shower game you will need to purchase a life size baby doll, cloth diaper, diaper pins, diaper wrap, onesie, and receiving blanket. The exact list does not need to match, but the idea is to have a full set of attire for the baby. Time your guests dressing the baby. If you want to make it interesting have the baby start completely dressed and have everyone undress them as if they are changing a diaper. The person with the quickest time wins!

Clothes Pin Bingo

Give each of your guests a clothespin to attach to her clothing and wear during the baby shower. Tell everyone they are not allowed to say the words baby or due for the remainder of the party. If someone hears another person say one of the forbidden words they get to take a clothespin from that person. The winner of this baby shower game is the person with the most number of clothespins at the end of the party.

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