Baby Shower Themes

Atmosphere is everything, and when it comes to throwing a baby shower you can make it even more special if all of the aspects of your baby shower match this theme. You can purchase customized games, decorations, food, drinks and favors all to match your theme. You can create your own theme or use one of our baby shower theme favorites listed below. Here are some of our favorite baby shower themes.

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Theme

Rub-a-dub-dub, this shower is a lot of fun without the tub! The duck baby shower theme is one of the most popular in modern times and so easy to do! Decorate your party with yellow, red, and lots of ducks! A great decoration for this baby shower theme are our decorative soaps.

Noah's Ark Baby Shower Theme

The Noah's Ark is the perfect theme for twins! The idea of this them is to follow Noah's lead and do everything in pairs. Have each guest bring two smaller gifts instead of one big one, have two winners for each game, decorate with two of each animal, and have two cakes. Our animal shaped soaps make perfect baby shower decorations. If you are looking for baby shower favors to match the Noah's Ark baby shower theme try our gift bags. You can also ask guest to bring gifts that are directly related to Noah's Ark and use those gifts to decorate the nursery.

Nursery Rhymes Baby Shower Theme

Using nursery rhymes can create the ultimate baby shower theme. You can create a theme based on your favorite nursery rhyme or go all out by using various nursery rhymes throughout your party. You can buy a cake with a cow jumping over the moon, send invitations with a Once Upon a Time theme, decorate with Humpty Dumpty and the sheep from Little Bo Peep. You can even create a game of who can correctly identify the most number of nursery rhymes you decorated with.

Winnie The Pooh & Tigger Too Baby Shower Theme

Have your baby shower theme represent of the all time child hood favorite stories Winnie The Pooh. Purchase a Winnie The Pooh Cake, decorate with all of the characters from the 100 Acre Wood including Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet and Rabbit. Any party supply store would also have Winnie The Pooh paper plates, cups and fun baby shower favors. Another fun way to enjoy this theme is to have the movie playing during the party

Nine Months Pregnant Baby Shower Theme

This party theme can be a lot of fun and put a big smile on the future mother's face. Have all of the guests show up to the baby shower dressed as though they are nine months pregnant by stuffing their their shirt or dress with a pillow or similar item. Some expectant mothers can feel out of place at a baby shower because of their pregnancy, this baby shower theme will definitely have them feeling at home!

Old MacDonald Baby Shower Theme

Did you ever wonder why you hear so many mothers asking their children if they think they live in a barn? Ok, so it might not have anything to do with Old MacDonald, but this baby shower theme can be a lot of fun. Decorate the house with farm animals and hay and turn your baby shower into a barnyard bash. Cover the tables with red and white checkered table cloths, make a cake with a cowhide icing decoration, and scatter barnyard stuffed animals throughout the house. If you want to get really creative, bring in some bails of hay to use as chairs during the games. If you are looking for the perfect baby shower favor for this theme try our decorative gift bags.

Around The Clock Baby Shower Theme

The idea behind around the clock is to ask all of the guests to bring gifts that the soon to be mom can use throughout the day. When you send out invitations, assign each guest a time and ask them to bring a gift that mom can use during that time of day. When it's time to open presents have everyone sit in a circle in their spot on the clock. Go around the circle twice to represent AM and PM gifts. Start with the AM gifts and the second time around have mom open the PM gifts. Examples of gifts that match the time theme could include 8am getting dressed outfit, 12pm time for a nap blanket, 3pm I'm hungry bottles and formula, 7pm time for bed pajamas, etc. If you our looking for that perfect baby shower favor for this theme try our bath beads.

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