Bath Beads

Fun and colorful, bath beads from American Soap Company suit every mood. Scented oil bath beads soothe the skin and the attitude at the same time. Red Bath Beads, Flower Bath Beads, Bath Beads with Oriental Spice or Cinnamon scents, American Soap Company can provide you with bath beads that will brighten your day and your bathroom.

American Soap Company has a wide variety of bath beads for every use. Scents that will soothe and delight. If Heart bath beads are your fancy, we’ve got them! Fun Ducks to Sun, Moon and Stars, all of our bath beads are designed to please you. This is the place for bath beads.

Our elegant bath beads will serve up a skin-soothing, fragrant aromatherapy bath. Drop a handful of these bath beads into your tub or jacuzzi under warm running water and watch as they dissolve releasing their natural, skin soothing moisturizers.

Some of our more popular bath beads include:

Bath beads also make for a great addition to your aromatherapy experience. Aromatherapy is defined by The American Heritage® Dictionary as "The use of selected fragrant substances in lotions and inhalants in an effort to affect mood and promote health." By using aromatherapy techniques you can refresh and relax your skin while soothing your mind by helping to induce a sense of well-being.  You will see a noticeable difference when you enhance your heath and beauty through the use of the oils in our bath beads that have been extracted from aromatic plants.

Experience for yourself the therapeutic use of bath beads to relieve stress and tension and discover the ultimate way to pamper your body, mind and spirit. American Soap Company specializes in affordable, unique, and hard to find bath beads. Our line of bath bead products is made with rich oils to moisturize and soften your skin.

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