Bath Salts

Bath salts are the ultimate in bathing luxury. By using bath salts from American Soap Company you can easily add valuable trace minerals to your bath which softens the water and gently cleans your skin. Our bath salts are crafted with the finest natural ingredients and pure essential oils.

For centuries people have traveled hundreds of miles in search of natural bath salt baths for their healing abilities. Now you can bring the healing power of bath salts right into the comfort of your own home. Experts believe that the combining warm water and our natural bath salts allows your skin to absorb the organic minerals and essential oils leading to a healthier body.

Bath salts are known for their natural healing and therapeutic properties.  Our bath salts can help to relieve your aches and pains and with regular use can keep your muscles relaxed preventing stiffness after regular exercise and the hassles of every day life.

Because our natural bath salts are handcrafted with the finest natural ingredients and purest essential oils, they employ the healing benefits and aromatherapy with each bath.

To use our bath salts shake the salt into running water.  You can use as little or much as is comfortable for you. Our bath salts are created using the following ingredients: epsom salts, sea salts, and essential oils.

Bath salts can be used for many different purposes and therefore make for the perfect gift for everyone on your gift list. Whether the recipient suffers from daily aches and pains or your special someone simply prefers to bath in luxury, they will appreciate this thoughtful gift.


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