Bridal Shower Games

Fun games have been the cornerstone of bridal showers for many years. When choosing games for your bridal shower try to pick games that will fit the bride's personality the best. For example, if the bride gets embarrassed easily don't choose a game that will ask her to reveal a lot of personal information. Choosing the right bridal shower games will leave precious memories for everyone. Below are some of our favorite bridal shower games:

Wedding Dress Designer

The wedding dress game has to be one of the oldest and favorite bridal shower game of all time. Divide the guests into even teams, a good number is 3 to 5 people. Give each group several rolls of toilet paper. Each team will choose someone to be the "bride", then each team just use the toilet paper to create a beautiful wedding dress. Creativity is highly encouraged in this game, create not only the dress but a veil, jewelry, a bouquet, etc. Once everyone has finished have each team model their dress for the bride. The winner is determined by which dress the bride chooses as her favorite.

The Dating Game

For this bridal shower game you need to ask the bride (and groom if possible) questions about themselves while they were dating. A few examples would be "When was your first date?", "Where did you do on our first date?", "Where was your first kiss?", etc, prior to the party. During the shower give each guest pen and paper and ask the questions you have created. Have everyone write their answers down, and once you have read all of the questions have everyone turn in their answers. The person who gets the most number of questions right wins.

Clothes Pin Bingo

Give each of your guests a clothespin to attach to her clothing and wear during the bridal shower. Tell everyone they are not allowed to say the words "wedding", "married", or any other set of keywords you choose for the remainder of the party. If someone hears another guest say one of the forbidden words they get to take a clothespin from that person. The winner of this bridal shower game is the person with the most number of clothespins at the end of the party.

Purse Bingo

Purse Bingo can be a very fun and telling game to play at a bridal shower. The idea is to come up with a list of items that could be found in someone's purse. Include in the list a few typical items, car keys, lipstick, a twenty dollar bill, etc. Then get creative with your list. Include a few items such as a toothbrush, a hotel key, antibacterial wipes, valium, deodorant, etc. Before starting the game pick a number, somewhere between 5 and 10 is usually a good place. The first person to reach that number of matching items wins this hilarious bridal shower game.

Bridal Charades

Bridal Charades is another one of the favorite bridal shower games played today. To play this game divide the guests into two teams and write down a list of things associated to a wedding or marriage. A few ideas you could use are a bride, a groom, the toast, the minister, etc. Each team then selects someone to act out the charade. The team then tries to guess what they are acting out. The teams who guess correctly most wins.

Bridal Pictionary

Bridal Pictionary is very similar to Bridal Charades. To play, write down a list of words associated to wedding. Have each team take turns pulling a random word out of a bag and have a team member draw that word. The team then tries to guess the word. You should set a time limit of a minute or two for each word. The winner of this bridal shower game is the team that guesses the most number of words correctly.

The White Elephant

This is a very fun game to play at your bridal shower. First you will need to get one bridal shower favor for each guest, but you will want to get selection of gifts that range in value. Get several low cost items, a good place to get these types of items is a dollar store. These items should not only be cheap but silly as well. Then get a few medium priced items, this could include bath beads, natural soaps, or decorative soaps. Then finish you gifts with one or two nice gifts such as a bottle of wine or something similar. Wrap all of the gifts in different size and shaped boxes. Wrap some in nice wrapping paper, others in paper bags or newspaper. During the bridal shower deal out a deck of cards, if possible make sure everyone has a few cards. Have a second deck handy and start drawing cards and calling them out. When someone has a matching card have them pick out a gift from either the pile or they can take a gift from another guest. After everyone has a gift, set the timer for 10 minutes and give everyone the opportunity to try to barter and trade their gifts. At the end of the 10 minutes have everyone open their gifts and enjoy the laughs as people realize they were all going after the silliest gift.

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