Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Gift opening is always the center attraction at a bridal shower. How can you make your shower especially memorable? Use our experience to make your shower party glisten in the sun. Consider these points when selecting the perfect gift for your bride to be.

Bridal Shower Gift Etiquette

The traditions and etiquette of the bridal shower says that if you are invited and you attend, you should bring a bridal shower gift. The bride will always be pleased if you make a choice from her bridal registry. Also, the maid of honor should take notes during gift time, so the bride can remember who gave what. Finally, all shower attendees should be properly thanked with a personal note from the bride, expressing her appreciation for their attendance and gift. Thank you notes should generally be done within a month of the date of the shower.

Bridal Shower Gift Budget

Always remember that it is the thought behind the gift you give the bride and not the value that is important. No matter what the occasion is, always spend within your budget. Give what you can afford, $25 to $100 is an acceptable price range, but you could also look at giving a gift that does not have a monetary value. You could make your own gift to give to the bride based on your own talents. This could include a painting, a scrapbook of the wedding, a framed picture of your favorite moment with the bride, or handmade natural skin care products.

Where Should I Purchase a Bridal Shower Gift?

The first place you can look to get an idea of where to purchase a gift for the bride is the bridal shower invitation itself. In most cases the invitation will include the store(s) where the bride has setup a bridal registry. Obviously selecting a gift from the bridal registry is a safe bet, but the gifts that are sure to be a real hit are ones that are selected with care and thought. One suggestion we make is to create a gift basket of natural soaps, bath salts, and bath beads. The bride can bathe in style and luxury on the morning of her upcoming wedding and be ready in body and mind for her big day. You can also make it a group effort. Get together with a few friends who are also going to attend and get her a bridal shower gift she will never forget. Chip in for a day at the spa or tickets to her favorite play. If you are having difficulty selecting a gift for the bride, ask the host or the bride's mother for suggestions.

What You Should Avoid When Selecting a Bridal Shower Gift

First and foremost the bridal shower gift you select should make the bride feel special. This is a moment she will hopefully never experience again, make your gift one to remember, not embarrassing. You may think that sexy lingerie or gag gift is a great idea only to see the future bride turn seven shades of red when she opens it. If you want to get her a fun or risqué gift, save it for the bachelorette party, and keep in mind the bride's mother and grandmother will most likely be in attendance as well.

Wrap It Up

No we are not talking about ending your afternoon shopping spree with the girls, we are talking about how you are going to present your gift to the guest of honor. As you begin to consider how to wrap your bridal shower gift think about how good it feels to receive a gorgeously wrapped gift. If you don't have time or the knack for elegantly wrapping your gift allow enough time to get help from a friend or a professional. As you are deciding on the specifics of the wrap, think about the bride's favorite colors or materials. Consider using elegant accents such as a fine ribbon, flowers, or a small trinket to add that final touch. The final touch to your gift is to make sure you include a gift card or something similar to ensure the bride knows who the gift is from when she is opening it.

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