Natural Soaps

American Soap Company's Natural Soaps are simply the best available. Our natural, chemical free soaps bring refreshing, skin smoothing pleasure, every time they are used. From the moment you receive one of our Natural Soap products you will be delighted by the colors and textures and by the wonderful scents of our natural soaps.

Experience the difference of natural soap!

American Soap Company's 100% Natural Soaps are made using a "cold process" soap-making method with all natural ingredients. By super-fatting the soap and leaving in all of nature's glycerin, we make the finest soap anywhere. Palm, coconut and olive oils are used with aroma grade essential oils for all skin types. We do not use any preservatives. Your skin will feel clean, smooth, and soft after using our soap - no lotion needed.

A lot of "natural soap" makers use synthetic fragrances instead of natural essential oils in order to keep their costs down or increase their product lines. These synthetic fragrances do not have the same benefits as our all natural soaps. Our handmade natural soaps are fragranced with only high quality essential oils that have aromatherapy and holistic healing benefits. Some products derive their scent purely from the organic herbs that have been added. Others are lightly scented with select fragrant essential oils when a particular scent is desired and no pure essential oil exists.

Our line of Natural Soaps includes these favorites:

All of the ingredients that we use in our natural soaps are carefully selected to give you a highly moisturizing and cleansing experience to maximize the benefits for your skin. Most of the bars of "soap" that you buy in the store is actually not soap but different forms of detergent. All of our natural soaps are pure soap, no detergents or synthetic enhancements are used.

Come experience the difference of American Soap Company's natural soaps. We promise you will never want to go back to that same old bar of soap you have used for years!

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