Planning a Baby Shower

You have been chosen to have the honor of being the hostess for your friend's baby shower, now what do you do? We have put together a general guide for you to follow to throw a baby shower that is sure to impress the mother-to-be as well as all of her guests.

Set The Time and Date

Baby showers are traditionally given a month or two before the baby is born. It's a good idea to give the expectant mother enough time to after the shower to get the items she does not receive as gifts at her shower prior to the birth of her child. You should also not plan the shower too close to her due date in case of an early arrival.

When choosing the date for the baby shower you should first check with the mother-to-be about times they are available. There is no use in planning an elaborate baby shower if mom can't be there. Determining the time of the shower will often be determined by how casual or formal your shower theme is as well as the general schedules of the guests who will be attending. If the majority of the guests have full time jobs, the middle of the day on a weekday is not a good time to choose. Try to anticipate possible scheduling problems for your guests, especially those who will be traveling long distances. Try to pick a date and time that will accommodate as many as possible.

It is also becoming more common for baby showers to be held after the baby is born. This can create a wonderful opportunity for everyone to come meet the newborn. Just keep in mind that life can become very hectic after the birth of a new child. This can also work well as guests can purchase more appropriate gifts knowing whether it's a boy or a girl and what their name is.

The Location

The location of the baby shower is a very important decision to make and she be given serious thought. While your home may be inexpensive and convenient for you, it may not be convenient for all of the guests who will be attending. Also consider how many people will be attending, this may be a factor in whether your home will be a suitable location. Consider a central location for the majority of the guests. Restaurants and clubs often make for a wonderful venue to host a baby shower. They can accommodate your group regardless of size and will take much of the hassle out of your hands.

Don't hesitate to get creative with the baby shower location. If the guest list is smaller consider a place such as a day spa or bed and breakfast. Choosing a location with the right ambiance and activities will be a sure hit.

The Baby Shower Theme

Your can create a really fun environment by having a baby shower theme. You can choose a theme that is near and dear to the expectant parents heart or go with something as simple as decorating with a specific color scheme. If you need help choosing a theme browse through our Baby Shower Themes article.

The Baby Shower Menu

Although your menu should reflect the theme you choose for the baby shower, you should also consider the time of day as well. Be sure to keep in mind the amount of time and how much space you will have as well as any special dietary needs of the guests. You can choose a menu as simple as tea and appetizers to a full meal.

The Guest List

When it comes to preparing the guest list be sure to talk to the future mother. It is very important to make sure no one is left out. If you are planning a surprise party make sure to include the expectant couple's parents or siblings in planning the guest list. When creating the guest list be sure to not only get names, but addresses and phone numbers as well. Be sure to consider the location and budget while creating the list to make sure you can accommodate everyone.

The Invitations

Written invitations are always the best method for sending out notice of the baby shower. While phone and email can be used, written invitations ensure everyone gets their invitation in time with accurate information and serve as a reminder for the party.

Be creative with the baby shower invitations. Buy or make invitations that follow the theme you have chosen for the shower. Be sure to include all of the details in the invitation including the date, time, location, directions, the parents name, the hostesses name, gift registry, and the theme of the party. Be sure to include a method for RSVP so that you will have a good idea of who will be attending. It is best practice to send out the invitations three to four weeks prior to the baby shower. This allows the guests enough time to work the shower into their schedules and shop for the perfect gift.

Baby Shower Games

When planning a baby shower you can always include playing a few baby shower games. Including silly and fun games will make the party more exciting for everyone, and it can also provide a good icebreaker for the guests who don't know each other. Playing these games can not only be fun, but may even teach the mother to be a few things about being a mother. Our Baby Shower Games article can provide you with a few fun games to play.

Host The Party

Although you should have as much fun as the mother to be and the other guests remember as the host of the party it is your responsibility to run the show, you are not there to simply be another guest. For example, when it comes time to eat, serve the expectant mother, then the guests, and finally yourself. Make this a day mom will never forget!

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