Wedding Gift Ideas

When the time comes for you to purchase a wedding gift you are going to wind up with a number of questions when going through the process of deciding what to get for the bride and groom.

The first and foremost thought to keep in mind is it is the thought that counts the most. This does not mean you don't have to spend money, but the more thought you put into your gift for the couple the more they will appreciate it. Here are a few tips and wedding gift ideas to make this process a little easier for you.

Wedding Gift Budget

The first step in choosing a wedding gift is to set your budget. When deciding how much to spend you should consider your relationship with the couple and your personal finances. Obviously your budget for your sister or your best friend is going to be more than a wedding gift for the neighbors son. When choosing your budget you also need to spend within your own personal finances. You don't need to push this months utility bill to next month or mortgage your future to please the couple getting married. If you budget is tight but you want to get the bride and groom a lavish gift, consider going in with a few other guests that will be attending the wedding. Together you could buy them a gift they will never forget.

Wedding Gift Registry

Now that your budget is set you need to decide on what you are going to give as your wedding gift. If you want to go with a safe time saving idea check the couple's wedding gift registry. If one was not provided with the invitation call the bride or groom's parents and ask. If this is not possible just call the bride and ask where they are registered. Now you can select something that you know they want and no one else has purchased yet. The bride and groom's wedding gift registry will typically have a wide price range of gifts making it easy to stay within your budget.

A Personalized Wedding Gift

Ok, so the standard wedding registry isn't your idea of a gift. If you want to get creative think about giving a gift basket full of items they can use in their new home or on their honeymoon. A good idea for a gift basket would be a nice collection of natural soaps, bath salts, bath beads and decorative soaps. This collection not only works as something they can use but can also provide decorations that can be used throughout the house.

Help With The Wedding

If the bride and groom are on a very tight budget for their wedding you could offer to help with an aspect of their wedding as your wedding gift to them. A few good ideas of ways you could help would include paying for the suite they will stay in on their wedding night, renting a limousine or letting them borrow your beautifully restored vintage car, purchase their wedding cake, or buy the flowers. This can often be the best gift the couple could ever receive. Helping the bride and groom to have the wedding of their dreams is a gift they will never forget!

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