Red Organza Gift Bags

Red Organza Gift Bags

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Square Bottom Gusseted Bags. Silky organza gift bags with fancy satiny cord and a rectangular flat base. These unique, high quality, sheer, shimmering fabric gift bags have a full gusset flat bottom. They are closed with two attractive premium satin double pull cords knotted at the ends. Any product contained in this gift bag will look luxurious.

These gift bags are hand made so size may vary slightly. Not all organza bags are the same, quality of fabric and workmanship vary from company to company. We are proud of the quality of our bags and know you will be too. Select from our wide range of gusseted shaped pouches. These pouches have a square bottom, allowing goods inside to stand up vertically.

Our gusseted shape pouches are very popular for gifts, favors, parties, jewelry, candles, soaps, salts, candles, and much more.

Dimension: 3.6 x 1 x 5.6 inches 100% Nylon